Black & Gay in Philly: A Discussion Series, Hyper-Masculinity & Homophobia (BGMLC Symposium)

One thing we like to do on this page- SMART4Life Perspectives-is promote community events in Philly.   A featured event this month is a community symposium sponsored by the Black Gay Men’s Leadership Council (BGMLC). The symposium on June 19th is titled” Black & Gay in Philly: A Discussion Series,   Hyper-Masculinity & Homophobia,” and will be at 6pm at the William Way Community Center, located at 1315 Spruce Street.

Jay Grant, Co-chair of BGMLC and Associate Director at the Attic Youth Center see this symposium as a natural extension of  advocacy work BGMLC has been doing over the past 10 years.  While BGMLC is a grassroots group that advocates in areas of public health, the group has been focused on creating new policies and opportunities for black gay men.

“BGMLC is primarily about building unity within the community.  This is the first of many symposiums we have planned that I think will excite and engage our community,”  says Mr. Grant.

The June 19th event is co-sponsored by the Mpowerment Program at The Attic Youth Center.

What do you think? How does hyper masculinity and homophobia effect the identity(ies) of black gay men?   Don’t miss this critical opportunity to let us know what you think by coming to this event and letting your voice be heard!  Hope to see you there. Stay SMART…

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